Toni Sauna

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Anthony Mills aka Wildcookie and now… Toni Sauna…

“Toni Sauna lurked in the heart of Anthony Mills (Wildcookie) for all these years. The sweet massage of singing added serpentine fire to his MC tone. A style that Sauna named “anti-testosterone”. Everyone who asked “why don’t you rap?” OMFG hard bars spoken ever so softly are here”.

Def Presse Discography


Denise (2021)

Album release: 9 Jul 2021

Formats: Digital, 16 tracks

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Evil EP (2020)

Album release: 27 Nov 2021

Formats: Digital, 5 tracks

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Dead Flour (2020)

Release: 7 Feb 2020

Format: DIgital, 4 tracks

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EWINGS (2020)

Release: 19 Aug 2020

Formats: Digital

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You Forgot (2020)

Release: 22 Jul 2020

Formats: Digital

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The Topping (2020)

Release: 23 Jun 2020

Format: Digital

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Trippin’ / Irresistible (2019)

Release: 1 Nov 2019

Formats: Digital, double-A side

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