Madison Washington

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Madison Washington, the duo from New York and Sheffield is Malik Ameer, an emcee from California/New York and producer/DJ thatmanmonkz from Sheffield, England.

Malik Ameer is an established emcee in the experimental rap/jazz scenes of California and NYC. An internationally published poet that also hosts and curates Poets Live in Paris, France (the oldest running Anglophone reading series in Paris). As a producer and emcee, Malik’s worked with Leron Thomas, Jamika Ajalon, Jonathan Finlayson, Lorin Benedict, Josh Jones, Daniel Belquer, Otayo Dubb, Bayonics and Balance. He is the founder and editor for several lit journals in New York and Paris as well as writing for the likes of The Rumpus, PANK, Maintenant 11, Multiracial Media, and Onslaught Press.

thatmanmonkz deejays internationally and has found critical acclaim with several of his house tracks on his label Shadaleaf Records as well as his most recent album ‘Columbusing’. Working alongside artists such as Ta’raach, Erik Rico, Dave Aju, Nikki O, Pete Simpson, Khalil Anthony, Toddla T, Serocee…

Code Switchin’ marks an adventure into the duo’s love of Hip-Hop. A thoroughly modern sound with a respectful glance at Hip-Hop’s past. 

Def Pressé Discography

(​(​(​(​FACTS​)​)​)​)​) (2018)

Release: 19 Jun 2018

Formats: Vinyl, CD, digital

Buy and stream / “A politically and socially charged full length album, accompanied by a band of poets and artists, as they attempt to look at the idea of modern day slavery…” Gingerslim


Code Switchin’ EP (2017)

Release: 23 Jun 2017

Formats: Vinyl, digital

Buy and stream / The debut EP from Malik Ameer and thatmanmonkz.


Plantation Earth/ Divine Frankensteins (2019)

Release: 8 Feb 2019

Formats: Digital

Buy and stream

Baytrified (2018)

Release: 18 May 2018

Formats: Digital

Buy and stream